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Transforming service delivery and improving doing business in South Sudan

Business Registration Services

What is Business Registration Service (BRS)?

This is a platform introduced by the Ministry of Justice to automate manual processes, increase accessibility to its services and improve the ease of doing business in South Sudan.

Validate your Business

This is a free service created to ensure the records of a business or company’s ownership are duly updated and include details that may not have been captured at the point of registration. Below are steps that demonstrate how to validate your business.


Create an eServices account

To access BRS, you need to be registered on eServices. This is simple and can be done by visiting

This creates a single account that enables you access all government services online, including BRS. Clicking on the ‘create account’ or ‘Apply now’ also leads you through the same process.


Validate your Business

After logging into BRS with an eServices account, Click on the ‘validate business’ link available on the left side of the landing page within BRS.

Then Input the company/business name or registration number. After, Select the specific business/company from the options provided by the site.


Provide details

Provide the details of the owner(s) of the business or company being validated (name, citizenship details, phone number, email address and residential address).

Provide details of the business/company including the location, email address, phone number, postal address.


Submit application

Click on Submit to send the application for verification.

The application will be reviewed and once approved, the business will automatically appear in the profile of the business owner(s) when they log into BRS. A notification on the same will be shared.

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